Using the Task Scheduler


This article will help demonstrate how to use the ‘Tasks’ page to manage simple tasks and reminders within the SOAR LMS control center.


To create a task, click the Tasks link in the navigation. On the next page, click the Add New Task button on the top-right side of the screen. You will be presented with a series of fields that are available to help create a new task. Provided below is a list of available fields and their primary functions:
  • General Information
    • Task Description – A text-based description of what the task is.
    • Alert Type – The default is Email Reminder.
    • Select Lead – This will allow you to choose which lead in the system is the target for the reminder.
    • Alert Date – Allows you to select the date and time in which the alert will be sent to you.
    • Notes – This field allows for a full HTML or plain-text description of the reminder, in case further notes are needed outside of a simple description in the first field on this page.


Click the Tasks link in the navigation, then click the task name in which you wish to remove. Click the Delete Task button on the bottom of the page that follows.