Utility Bar


The utility bar area gives you access to general site functions, including details about your personal administrative account, access to the chat communication channel with your students, as well as front-end website settings to allow you to customize the website your students view when signing up for your school or courses.


The Account Settings section allows you to modify details of your account. This includes details such as name, email, street address, contact information, location settings, time zone, and much more.


The chat button provides direct access to the live interactive chat sessions with your students. Your students may send direct messages to you, which will display a notification when a message is received, and you may reply directly in real-time. You may also choose to first start a message with a student directly, and will be given a selection of student names to choose from before messaging begins.


This area allows control of all aspects of your front-end (customer-facing) website that is provided by SOAR LMS during signup. Within this area, you can update general site settings, set the address and contact info for your school, update selected SEO (search engine optimization) settings, modify homepage banners and content, insert testimonials, modify the “About Us” page content, and much more!


Clicking this link will terminate your current browser session in the dashboard and prevent other users that may use the same computer from accessing your dashboard content.
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