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This article will help you familiarize yourself with the link structure in the navigation of the SOAR LMS Dashboard.


This link navigates directly to the ‘home’ page of the SOAR LMS control panel. You may see Dashboard Widgets for a more in depth look at the features available on this page.


From this link, you may view the ‘Courses’ page which shows a summary of all courses created within your school. From this page, you may edit course details, create new courses, delete courses, as well as manage the entire experience that a student will interact with when completing assignments and lessons in your course offerings.


This page provides an overview of all students who are currently enrolled in courses within your school. The ability to edit student information, enroll or un-enroll students, see student progress, etc. is all available in this area.


SOAR LMS is equipped with a task manager, which is a tool to help you stay organized and on top of your game! When navigating to the ‘Tasks’ page, you will be presented with the ability to create reminders for events related to your school or community activity. Each reminder can be emailed directly to you as an administrator and allows a specific date and time of the reminder to be set.


Your SOAR LMS platform comes with a front-end website that allows prospective students to sign up for your school and enroll in courses. In certain areas, there are available contact forms for these prospective students to fill out which are collected in the control panel on the “Leads” page. You can manage the leads you have received from these forms and set statuses, enter prospect details once contact has been made, and much more!


SOAR LMS is a full course marketing suite as well as a great way to make recurring revenue from your course content. The ‘Sales’ section provides an overview of the purchases made from your front-end website, and outlines the courses that students have signed up for, as well as the revenue generated from each sale.


Another unique feature of SOAR LMS is the Community Board area. This link navigates to the ‘Community’ section, which provides a full posting board for students and instructors to connect and communicate regarding the course content provided. The best part about this community is that the topics are created instantly as soon as you create a course, so there’s no need to manually create topics when new course content is added!


This link provides access to the reporting area, which allows you to generate running reports around student activity in your school. Student progress reports, as well as sales reports, can be generated from this area.
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