Dashboard Widgets


Your SOAR LMS dashboard comes pre-populated with helpful statistics to give you a general overview of the activity in your school. The following sections outline each widget as they appear on the Dashboard from an administrator’s perspective:


The “Stats” section shows the most notably viewed metrics in the SOAR LMS platform. These include the total monthly revenue obtained through customer subscriptions to your courses (if applicable), the total students enrolled in your courses, as well as the total number of students who have completed all of the curriculum for a course.


This section provides an overview of the sessions created by your students logging into the dashboard and performing any type of function. The purpose is to provide a general assessment of the interaction frequency of students who have signed up to take courses in your school. The x-axis provides the reference date, while the y-axis provides the total number of students.


The “My Courses” widget gives a quick glance at the top 3 courses in your catalog, and provides quick access to see the number of users enrolled, as well as a quick-edit panel that allows you to add lesson plans, edit course details, or manage the enrollment of students.


One of the great features installed within SOAR LMS is the ability to create a “survey” assignment (or feedback assignment) within a course outline. This unique tool will allow your students to interact with you and your school and provide valuable feedback that can be used to enhance your students’ experience. This portion of the dashboard displays the most recent feedback given by students and details the course’s rating received by the student.
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