Student Overview


The purpose of this section is to discuss theĀ Students section, which is accessible from the navigation menu.


To view a list of students, you may navigate to the Students section within the navigation on your SOAR LMS Dashboard. From this screen, you will have the ability to view student information, as well as make edits to any of the listed information. Additionally, you may choose to manually import students using one of two methods: Bulk importing or single manual entry. For more information on the topic of adding students, visit this article:


On theĀ Students page, click the name of the student in which you wish to view the information. You will be presented with several options that allow you to directly edit the information about each student. This is to be used if information was originally entered by the student incorrectly, or if you have additional information you would like to store in the available fields that were not originally entered by the student.