Enrolling Students Into Courses Manually


This article explains how to manually enroll students in a course who have not previously signed up for it. This is intended to be a manual override to enroll students only if a student does not wish to follow the sign-up procedure on your front-end website provided by SOAR LMS. You may also unenroll students using this method.


To enroll a student manually into a course, click on the Courses link in the navigation. On this page, hover over the title of the course and click the Enroll Users link, which is denoted by the ‘users’ icon. Upon navigating to this page, you will see a box containing the names of your students assigned to your school on the left, and a box on the right containing all users that have signed up to that course. Click the name in the left box that you wish to enroll, and the student name will appear on the right. Click Update once you are finished with updates.


To unenroll a student, simply follow the instructions for enrolling a student above, except click the name of the student in the box on the right to move the student’s name to the left box. Then click Update.
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